Thursday, December 4, 2014

Milky Way (don´t cry over spilled milk)

Co-operation with Barbara Musil and Marlene Haderer. Design (not selected) for a passageway between a building and the outside area at an agricultural school in Klessheim, Salzburg, Austria. September/ October 2014.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Tampere view (I feel like the boss of nothing)

Fineliner, felt-tip pen, coloured pencil, white paint on wooden board, 180 x 220 cm.

Created for the group exhibition "ein erzählerisches moment", Galerie OÖ Kunstverein, Linz (A), november - december 2013.


Produced for "FESTIVAL DER REGIONEN 2013, UMGRABEN / DIGGING UP", Eferding (A)

Created during stop motion animation workshops with students from Gymnasium Dachsberg, Prambachkirchen (A)
Concept: Sigrid Meindl, Karo Szmit
Animation, editing, sound: Karo Szmit

more info:

LOADER - Trailer Festival der Regionen 2013

Trailer for „FESTIVAL DER REGIONEN 2013 - UMGRABEN/ DIGGING UP" in Eferding, Austria.
stop motion animation
L: 30 sec
sound: Judith Klieber
Karo Szmit 2013

Artist interview with Karo Szmit

Artist interview, recorded during an artist residency at the Palander house in Tampere (FI),  february/ march 2012, city of Tampere artist-in-residence programme in collaboration with the German Cultural Centre of Tampere and Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz (A).

Friday, September 28, 2012

Illustrations for DATUM magazine

October 2012 issue
(c) Karo Szmit

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sunrise/ sunset + Hetken tie on kevyt (cover)

Installation; video projection (DVD, 1 min loop), sound (DVD, 3:33 min), headphones
Karo Szmit 2012

I developed these works during an 2 month artist residency in Tampere, Finland, themed „The city as a source of creativity“.

The video loop Sunrise/ sunset is composed of a sequence of pictures which simulate a sunrise and a sunset. The pictures are recordings of the design on public busses in Tampere. I noticed slight differences in the depiction of a sea view – changing positions of the sun, clouds and birds – depending on different bus types.

For the accompanying sound installation Hetken tie on kevyt (cover) (”For a moment the road is light”) I recorded myself singing an a-capella version of a Finnish pop song which was on heavy airplay during my stay in Tampere. I met the challenge to interpret the slow and solemn song as well as I could, since I am fascinated by the Finnish language, while not able to speak it. My aim was also to join the bulk of private and professional cover versions on Youtube.

Produced for the exhibition
"Kylmää kyytiä/ Turbulent times"
Andrea Good (CH) & Karo Szmit (A)
Emil gallery, Tampere, Finland

As if they interacted

8 drawings, 15 x 20 cm, fineliner, marker, glitter on paper, framed

Produced for the exhibition
Kylmää kyytiä/ Turbulent times
Andrea Good (CH) & Karo Szmit (A)
Emil gallery, Tampere, Finland


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Map (Tallinn-Projects)

Wall drawing, 5 monitors, digital photography, video, miniature models

produced for the group exhibition "Tallinz"
11.01. - 09.03.2012
Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz

The installation combines four of the completed works and material compilations I produced during my five month stay in Tallinn in 2009.

Always Everything

5 postcards

produced for the group exhibition

„Finding magic in everyday madness“
23.11.2011 - 12.01.2012
Kunstraum Goethestrasse xtd, Linz

Five personal special moments created by situations with accidental soundtracks, presented as hand-written micro-stories on postcards.

The work deals with collecting everyday observations as an art research practice.

"Teenage dirtbag" is playing while I (30+) am waiting for a job interview at a catering company, removing cat hair from my clothes.

"Rock me amadeus" is playing as I'm entering the Toronto airport, arriving from Vienna.

"Time to say goodbye" is playing in a discount supermarket 5 minutes before closing time.

Definitions of nothing

15 post-its

produced for the experimental art fair "METAmART - The market models", part of "METAmART. Kunst und Kapital"

16.11.2011 - 19.02.2012
Künstlerhaus, Vienna

Communication breakdown (project sketches)

9 post-its

produced for the experimental art fair "METAmART - The market models", part of "METAmART. Kunst und Kapital"

16.11.2011 - 19.02.2012
Künstlerhaus, Vienna

The initial point for this work is my interest in big general terms like „everything“, „nothing“, „whatever“. I try to find diagrammatic forms of representation which - seeming significant at the first sight – serve as a framework for different context and content due to their universality and reduction.