Monday, June 22, 2009

Wolkendiagramm/ cloud diagram

Ceiling design for the café in the International Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz/A.

first sketch

The drawing presents a cloud reaching over the arched roof, as a reference to baroque ceiling painting. Several details overlap the cloud like intersections and turn it into a diagram - clouds in different contexts.
Some images show clouds in the narrower sense, other ones dust and clouds of smoke, contrails, dust bunnies or the internet cloud (the internet is mostly depicted as a cloud in computer network diagrams).


L: 05:53 min

Produced for "Filiale Auwiesen" by the Stadtwerkstatt, part of the "Festival of Regions", Linz.

"In 2009, in collaboration with Linz 09 Cultural Capital of Europe, the Festival of Regions will be oriented toward the southern edge of the city of Linz, along the Traun River, with focus on the satellite town of Auwiesen and the residential complexes of solarCity."

Hello Gümüşhane

directed by: Stephanie Mold, Karo Szmit
Camera, Editing: Karo Szmit
L: 45 min
A 2009

„The major of Gümüşhane, a town in Eastern Anatolia, visited Lentos Museum of Modern Art in Linz and fell in love with the chairs. I know that because I was working as a museumsguard watching him. Instead of using those chairs as functional accessoires, he was inpsecting them as if they were part of the exhibiton. Then he told me that he was paying a visit to Linz as there is a Turkish community from Gümüşhane living here and that he would like to buy some of the chairs for his town. Unfortunately they were not for sale.
After he left I started to ask myself how Gümüşhane might look like.
So I decided to travel there by bus to Gümüşhane to bring him a chair as a present, tracing back the roots of a part of the Turkish population of Linz. During the trip I was wearing my museumsuniform which put me into the role of a performer. A museumsguard leaving the homogenic museumslandscape going on a more than 50 hours lasting roadtrip - with a chair.“
(Stephanie Mold)