Monday, November 10, 2014

Tampere view (I feel like the boss of nothing)

Fineliner, felt-tip pen, coloured pencil, white paint on wooden board, 180 x 220 cm.

Created for the group exhibition "ein erzählerisches moment", Galerie OÖ Kunstverein, Linz (A), november - december 2013.


Produced for "FESTIVAL DER REGIONEN 2013, UMGRABEN / DIGGING UP", Eferding (A)

Created during stop motion animation workshops with students from Gymnasium Dachsberg, Prambachkirchen (A)
Concept: Sigrid Meindl, Karo Szmit
Animation, editing, sound: Karo Szmit

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LOADER - Trailer Festival der Regionen 2013

Trailer for „FESTIVAL DER REGIONEN 2013 - UMGRABEN/ DIGGING UP" in Eferding, Austria.
stop motion animation
L: 30 sec
sound: Judith Klieber
Karo Szmit 2013

Artist interview with Karo Szmit

Artist interview, recorded during an artist residency at the Palander house in Tampere (FI),  february/ march 2012, city of Tampere artist-in-residence programme in collaboration with the German Cultural Centre of Tampere and Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz (A).