Saturday, April 5, 2008


Karo Szmit 2007
sound: Bernd Oppl

Trailer for the Crossing Europe Filmfestival 2007, Linz/A

The themes are inspired by intercuts in Movies, athmospherical filling-scenes without action, for example glances towards horizons, sunsets, water.
Moving indoors, you see video pictures of artificial light situations popping up as screensavers on computer monitors . This film deals with the meaning of pictures between artistic aims and decoration.

"Szmit‘s animation film intercut starts with a bird‘s-eye view of the airport. Later the outward view to the sea is contrasted with the inward view to monitors displaying different images. In the end the camera glides into a movement reflecting the beginning across an extension cord with multiple sockets lying on the floor with various electrical cords attached. Electrical power network and the international flight route network now seem to be connected in a mysterious, fractal way."
(Crossing Europe catalogue)