Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sunrise/ sunset + Hetken tie on kevyt (cover)

Installation; video projection (DVD, 1 min loop), sound (DVD, 3:33 min), headphones
Karo Szmit 2012

I developed these works during an 2 month artist residency in Tampere, Finland, themed „The city as a source of creativity“.

The video loop Sunrise/ sunset is composed of a sequence of pictures which simulate a sunrise and a sunset. The pictures are recordings of the design on public busses in Tampere. I noticed slight differences in the depiction of a sea view – changing positions of the sun, clouds and birds – depending on different bus types.

For the accompanying sound installation Hetken tie on kevyt (cover) (”For a moment the road is light”) I recorded myself singing an a-capella version of a Finnish pop song which was on heavy airplay during my stay in Tampere. I met the challenge to interpret the slow and solemn song as well as I could, since I am fascinated by the Finnish language, while not able to speak it. My aim was also to join the bulk of private and professional cover versions on Youtube.

Produced for the exhibition
"Kylmää kyytiä/ Turbulent times"
Andrea Good (CH) & Karo Szmit (A)
Emil gallery, Tampere, Finland